Friday, February 1, 2019

Gary Vee on How to Hire the Right People When You're Starting

A while back, I was giving out some positivity and practical advice on social media. One of my followers told me "You sound a lot like Gary Vee. Do you follow his stuff?"

Actually, I didn't know who Gary Vaynerchuk (AKA Gary Vee) was. So I did a little research. I started following him. I've since become a big fan of his knowledge and wisdom in the matters of business (and life for that matter.) It's certainly a compliment to be compared to him.

I hit upon a video of the #askgaryvee show in which he covers one of the subjects I'm mildly obsessed with: how to hire the right people. It's the sort of thing nobody really teaches you in school.

I thought I'd share his take on a case in which someone called in to ask how to delegate responsibilities in their young company. How to motivate their employees and seek buy-in on the employer's vision.

Gary and his business partner offer some very blunt insights on the situation. If you're in a start-up company and are having trouble leading your team, maybe there's some insights you can apply to your operation.

I suppose if you're sensitive, I should warn you Gary uses profanity about as liberally as I tend to.


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